Friday, March 20, 2009

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging UV Moisturizer plus Touch of Foundation

For those looking to smooth away the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone without looking too made-up.
Total Effects 7 Anti-Aging Therapies:
Line Minimization: Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles
Nourishing Moisturization: For a radiant, healthy glow
Subtle Lifting: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance
Brightening: Improves skin surface dullness
Gentle Exfoliation: Smoothes and evens skin texture
Pore Refinement: Minimizes the appearance of pores
Free Radical Defense: Helps prevent damage to skin's surface
The result?
Visibly younger-looking, even-toned skin you may not want to cover with makeup.
How does it work?
This daily facial moisturizer combines the benefits of 7 anti-aging therapies PLUS a touch of sheer foundation to delicately even out skin's tone.
This exclusive formula is:
Dermatologically Tested
Non-Comedogenic (Won't Clog Pores)
Light and Non-Greasy
Apply evenly on clean face as needed.


Anonymous said...

hi Andy,

I don't want to take a plane with a naked face, I have a lot of acne scars. would it be ok to apply a little of this moisturiser before taking the plane?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Dear Mag

Oh Yes! Even I'm using this everyday now on my face & it doesn't look like I'm wearing makeup yet having a more radiance complexion with well moisture skin!

Anonymous said...

Hi andy,

thank you for your reply, I would go use the moisturizer now :)


Anonymous said...

can i use this like an everyday moisturiser? Do i need a makeup remover to clean it off?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

This is a moisturiser with color, so you still need to use a makeup remover to cleanse it off!

Anonymous said...

oh, i got it. thank you so much for the reply =)

Blur Queen said...

Hi Andy

After applying this moisturiser, do i still need to put sunscreen lotion? Thks.

From: Jessica

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Jessica

If I'm not wrong this Olay Touch of foundation come with SPF15. If you're not out in the hot sun than is ok, but if you're under the hot sun for long than best to re-apply or top on with higher SPF sunblock.

felicia said...

hey about this,

can oily face use it? or.. is there any olay products that oily face can use? : ).i saw the whitening one with spf.. for daily use.. but im not sure which one is good..

about this, can i apply it and sleep or is this only for day time?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Felicia

If you've oily skin best to use Olay Total Effects for Oily/blemish-prone skin. can be used day & night!

candice said...

Hi Andy,
I bought this moisturiser but i find it is too dark for my skin, the bottle says 100% of women found it suitable so i'm wondering if i'm doing something wrong with it? Have considered mixing it with an uncolored foundation to lighten the color but am worried that the chemicals might react and give me a nasty rash. What do you suggest?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Candice

Sorry to hear about how you feel about this product but so far I find the color tone's very natural/nude,maybe you like it much fairer than you can top on with your own prefered foundation if you still want to use this? But apply the foundation only after this moisturizer.

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