Monday, March 9, 2009

Shills Extreme Lift Eye Gel

Replenish the moisture levels of the skin around the eyes. Feel running water rushing into skin.
Added with European beech, a vegetative peptide, it lifts eye pouches, firms sagging skin and reduce fine lines. Fructus Aurantii Immaturus extract lightens the dark circles and re-activates dull looking skin. This ingredient holds as much as 800 times its moistures levels and deliver these moistures deep into skin locking the moisture from within. It soothes the tiredness of the skin around the eyes. This fresh, grease-free gel can effectively protect the skin around the eyes.

Perform an eye massage for better effects.
European beech extract, Fructus Aurantii Immaturus extract, Roselle, Cucumber, seaweed glycoprotein, Chamomile Blue, Caffeine, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid.

Use Daily after toner in the morning and evening, apply the right amount to the surrounding areas of the eye and massage softly from the inside out. Gently massage on fine lines and dry areas for the better effect.

Use it as an Eye mask every week: 1~2 times per week. After cleansing, apply double the amount than usual to your skin. Cleanse it 5 minutes later. The gel texture is for daily use, it reduces the fine lines, dark circles and pouch problems without the formation of oil granules.

Selling at John Little Marina Square, John Little Orchard, Stardust Plaza Singapura, OG Albert Complex, OG Orchard


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, thank you for sharing this piece of information. :)Pretty informative and I hope it works for me. My dark circles have been with my friend for a longest time and tried all kinda of remedies but none work. I wonder if it is inborn thingie.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


Beside using skin care you may want to try doing exercise as it helps to promote blood circulation thus reducing the dark circle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

I am glad to be able to see your blog, it gives lots of information, I really hope to see your review on more beauty products, especially those on the rise brands like Shills.

Even product like BB cream, mineral powder etc...

Thanks for sharing your review!



Anonymous said...

hi andy! which eye gel would u recommend for preventing wrinkles & dark eye circles for the 20s without causing oil granules? i've tried a few but they don't seem to ake much difference to me.


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