Saturday, July 9, 2011


Infused with all the goodness of BB Cream in a chic compact case, it delivers five-fold skin benefits to the busy modern woman, helping her achieve naturally beautiful skin that is moisturized and radiant.

Laneige Snow BB Essence Balm contains quintuple benefits such as UV protection, whitening, anti-wrinkle, hydration and a refreshing, cooling sensation on the skin when applied.

Available in two shades, Brightening BB and Natural BB, Snow BB Essence Balm is the make-up essential that keeps your skin moist and matte effortlessly, all day long.

Drawing on Laneige’s strength in skin hydration technology, Snow BB Essence Balm offers immediate moisturisation and nourishment to keep skin soft and supple. Liquid crystal essences, made of natural plant extracts, form a skin-friendly barrier to prevent moisture loss and external aggressors from penetrating the skin.

A gentle touch of the Snow BB Essence Balm on the skin activates Laneige’s semi-solid stabilization technology. Skin is instantly refreshed, invigorated by the cooling sensation of the Snow BB Essence Balm, leaving it with a smooth, even finish.

Laneige Snow BB Essence Balm, 13g, is retailing at S$55.00

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