Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beauty So Clean

I used to wash or clean my makeup tools every now and then, I even have three sets of makeup brushes to exchange about during one client to another, that's why my makeup bag is always heavy! But at some point I really don't have the luxury time and tools to make sure all the staff that I'm using are sanitized, especially the cosmetics that we all are using daily! Founder of Beauty So Clean, a new line of cosmetic sanitizer spent years formulating products that kill bacteria without damaging makeup. Their sprays and wipes contain Ethyl alcohol, lime oil and chamomile which are gentle enough to use on brushes or even sprayed directly onto powders! Great line of products that helps to prevent cross contamination for people who used to share makeup like makeup artists, models & etc. Accendo Asia will be bringing this fabulous products to Singapore soon. Hotline : +6564626160

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