Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dior CAMOUFLAGE PALETTE and nail colours

With the arrival of New Look, Christian Dior opened the door to a visionary world in which fashion, fragrances and makeup complement each other and help give shape to new femininity. Invited to create an original accessories line, Berlin artist Anselm Reyle was given free rein to play with the Dior Makeup codes for an exclusive limited-edition collection. Known for his work that explores materials and textures, colours and metallic effects, he appropriated the Dior makeup colour world and added his own graphic touch. A “Camouflage” eyeshadow palette. Adorned with the “Camouflage” motif created for Dior, an eyeshadow palette offers a mixed harmony of violet, grey and black. Shiny and matt effects recall the artist’s leitmotifs and compose sophisticated eyes. Like a precious jewel box, the metallic case opens to reveal a delightful mirror with a coloured overlay of the famous Dior canework.

High-impact nail lacquers

The nail lacquers are playful complements that set the tone in explosive colours. Bold violet of Ultra-Violet, deep black of Untitled Black, vivid pink of Pink Graffiti, vibrant blue of Electric Blue and a subtle silver of Metallic Silver compose an electrifying quintet that brings to mind Anselm Reyle’s passion for neon shades.

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