Monday, November 12, 2012

Givenchy’s 2013 Spring - Hotel Privé collection

Givenchy’s Hotel Privé collection - The inspiration for this collection were the various French hotels Mr Degennes stayed in, their atmosphere, colours, materials, the feeling of comfort they give. A collection that “conveys a subtle, natural elegance. Colours that express gentle pleasure and cosy intimacy. Textures that are easy to use. The very definition of refined, low-key luxury.” - Nicolas Degennes(International Artistic Director) 

ÉCRIN PRIVÉ Eyeshadows - A luxurious looking palette Total of three (mica free) mattes shades:  taupe, grey and natural beige. The last shade is a iridescent rose milk pink highlighter.

ROUGE INTERDIT - (limited edition) 59 Private Peach. GLOSS INTERDIT - (limited edition) 35 Private Rose & 36 Private Fuchsia. 
VERNIS PLEASE ! - (limited edition) 183 Private Grey & 184 Private Taupe

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