Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rock Some Sparkle from The Body Shop

Inspired by the latest catwalk colours, this on-trend collection is really wearable!! With earthy metallic hues sprinkled with iridescent flickers of glitter and glimmer.  
4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette - Smoky Moonstone & Smoky Copper ( $39.90 for each palette ) 

Dazzling Rocks - Shimmering copper and gold beads that gives an irresistible radiance to cheeks, temples and decolletage. ( $32.90 )
 Dazzling Copper
 Enchanting Gold
The Sparkler - This boudoir-chic atomiser release fine, iridescent sparkle-dust. You can use it on the face, body or even the hair. ($39.90 each )
Colourglide Shine - Give lips a beautiful glaze of shimmer and shine. A sheer lipstick that delivers a dewy wash of glimmering colour. Love this four colours that suitable for different occasions. ($22.90 each )  

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