Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Anna Sui on the 2013 Spring I Cosmetics Collection

“This season is all about lips and the theme of my new collection is ‘Drama Queen. Lipstick has always been one of my favorite products, and I’m really excited about all of the amazing colors and the new textures that we have this season. I love the Vivid for day and the Dazzling for evening. A little sparkle on the lips is the perfect touch of drama to complete a look.” - Anna Sui 

Available in 3 shades (for Eyes/Face/Lips) Available in 2 shades (for Eyes/Face)

Every single powder particle is coated with oil to produce truly vivid color that doesn’t fade.
Oil coated color powders create silky-smooth texture that is easy to blend with strong adhesiveness. The elegant glow of pearls creates a beautifully translucent shine. Retail price $38. 

The formula contains 2 key ingredients: Color Fit Powder* and Color Stay Oil**. When this smooth, cushy gel is layered over lipstick, the Color Fit Powder will automatically attracted to oils in lipstick and forms a tight protective film over the lipstick. Then the Color Stay Oil will create a second layer on top of the gel protective film. This double coating effect keeps lipstick from transferring or fading. As the Color Fit Powder forms a smooth, non-sticky gel coat that doesn’t blend with lipstick, the Color Stay Oil wraps the gel film, giving a final comfortable, non-drying finish.
*Color Fit Powder: minute particles that form a gel-film
**Color Stay Oil: a highly functioning oil that is capable of creating a makeup holding film that doesn’t mix with lipstick. Retail price $30.
A high ratio of pigment particles covers redness and corrects uneven tone in lips.
The crayon type design allows it for lining lip lines to prevent lip color bleeding or apply allover lips to even out natural lip color for a trendy nude lips. White and natural color pigments are richly combined with Matte Powder* for truly shine-free, matte finish.

The top layer made by Light Touch Oil** creates a smooth, even, and thin veil over the lips expertly covers lines/wrinkles and contours of the lips to create a beautiful base for makeup.
Additionally, Fit Oil*** improves adherence while Matte Powder* prevents fading for long-lasting power.

*Matte Powder: powder particles that improve adherence and makeup lasting power **Light Touch Oil: an oil that slides easily
***Fit Oil: an oil that improves adherence.
A nude beige that helps pale or light lipsticks and lip glosses show up in true color. Also suited for creating nude, barely-there-lips Retail price $33. 

Expertly blended formula contains perfect balanced of hard wax and soft wax, creating a
crayon-color hard enough for outlining the lips. Light Touch Oil has been added to make the formula extra spreadable and smooth and Fit Oil support long lastingness. The rich concentration of pigments leaves a strong and vivid semi-matte finish. While Matte Powder* improves fit and long lastingness, it is balanced out by Gloss Oil that gives off a hint of shine. 5 specially selected shades can easy coordinate to all new lipsticks. Apply liner to define lips or create a long lasting lips by filling all in, create your lips according to your mood! *Matte Powder...Powder particles that improve adherence and makeup lasting power. Retail price $33.

ANNA SUI’S NEW Lipstick Collection
Let you star in your own movie! With 22 shades to choose from, the Drama Queen has her pick! 

Formulated to yield a variety of true, high coloration shades in one swipe, this lipstick will suit your
every mood and can be used to create different looks from feminine to trendy! This dramatic lipstick will leave you looking like a movie icon! Its meltingly rich texture glides on the lips effortlessly and leaves them feel hydrated and moisturized all day long. Retail price $40.

Be your own Drama Queen with unique styles and looks from ANNA SUI 2013 Spring I Collection on January 1st, 2013, at: Anna Sui beauty counters at Takashimaya D.S. | BHG Bugis | Isetan Scotts | Isetan Katong. 

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