Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SUISSE PROGRAMME NEW Cellular Boosting Serum and Cellular Boosting Day Cream SPF30 only at Sasa

Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Solution has won many awards including CozyCot Holy Grail Beauty & Fashion Awards 2011 under Singapore Winner of Editor’s Choice for Favourite Daily Skincare Essence and Cosmopolitan Best of the Best Beauty Awards 2010 as 2nd Runner-up in the “Best Booster/ Pre-Treatment Product” category.
With the introduction of Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Solution in 2012, it has received many compliments from the satisfied product users. They are pleased with how a few drops of the solution can help defy aging skin. 
Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Series is introducing two new products into the series; Cellular Boosting Serum and Cellular Boosting Day Cream SPF30, revealing bright and translucent-looking skin with just three steps.
Suisse Programme’s Cellular Boosting Series uses a revolutionary ingredient, Biodynamic Cellular Complex, which contains active bio-molecules capable of acting in synergy on the cellular respiration and oxygen consumption within our skin cells. It diminishes the effect of dull skin and delaying the skin aging process to reveal a clear and bright skin.
Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC)
Biodynamic Cellular Complex, an unique formula of seven distinguished active ingredients, including DNA, protein and marine elastin, to regenerate more collagen in the cells and strengthening its defence system to fight against free radicals.
Scientific has proven to increase the production of ATP, boosting the metabolism rate and in turn promoting cell regenerating with BCC. Amazingly, it can boost the level of oxygen in the cells up to a 300% and up to a 500% in the cell regeneration process, leaving skin bright and crystal-clear. 

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