Monday, September 24, 2007

Clinique Defining Power Mascara! Lots of celebrities using it!

Saw some Taiwanise fashion & beauty magazine mention about this wonderful mascara!Lots of their celebrities are using this & even our local artist Fann Wong was using it too!!
Defining Power Mascara features an exclusive, double-sided brush/comb applicator developed specifically to meet the eye lash needs of Asian women who tend to have short, straight lashes. Lashes are volumized, separated and defined more beautifully than you have ever imagined. The revolutionary wand singles out lashes you didn’t know you had, while at the same time defining each and every lash in intense colour. We took it one step further and added 3 mini tines at the tip of the comb to reach lower lashes and those almost impossible areas like the inner corners and narrow parts of the eye.
12-hours of long lasting colour with no smudging or flaking thanks to Thermal Sensitive Technology. Defining Power Mascara can only be removed with warm water (approximately 39C/103F).
Retail Price: S$36.00


Christina said...

Hi Andy!
I love your blog, its helped me so much. I really need your help with something, I'm going to bloomingdales for a mini Fall makeover. I'm interested in both Cle de Peau and Chanel. Which line have better foundation/ base, blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick? I already have and love the CdP concealer and a Chanel eyeshadow quad and blush. I'm asian with light/medium skintone and no crease and I'd like to make my eyes look more defined.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Christina

Thanks for viewing my blog! I like both brands as well. They both have good ranges of products... To define eye makeup best to use eye liner plus mascara after you've apply the eyeshadow. For eyeliner I prefer M.A.C Fluidline-in a pot.Mascara you can try clinique,Lancome?Thanks

Christina said...

Hi Andy,
Thank you for responding so quickly! I know it's difficult since both are stellar lines, but are there any standouts or specific products that you were particularly impressed with, either Chanel or CdP? Thanks again.

huilin said...

Hi Andy,

I love lancome mascaras....they're simply perfect.

But gets used up pretty fast...wonder is it because I pumped it too much.

Will test out the clinique mascara!

Thanks Andy for your tips. =)

memories_que said...

Comparing Lancome Hypnose mascara, Christain Dior mascara and clinique defining power Mascara??? Which one is better in term of it's ability to lengthen & give volume without weighing the lashes?? Thanks alot!!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Memories_que

Actually all this three brands are good in their own way! Is more likely how you apply?or I should say how much you apply?
For application - I usually apply a thin layer first than using the tips of the brush to apply each lashes again!
Wait til the lashes dry than re-apply again to create more thicker fuller effect!

memories_que said...

Hi Andy!

Thanks for the tips... I will give it a try.. Thanks!!

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