Sunday, September 23, 2007

Worldwide first's protective screen mist! e3P抗污染噴霧

I think every body need one bottle of this!!! Unless you're not reading this??
A new youth and beauty routine and the most advanced protection against all forms of pollution, in particular Artificial Electromagnetic Waves. This ultra-lightweight veil not only protects and moisturizes the skin but it also reinforces the skin's natural protective barrier.
Beauty Benefits :-Magnetic Defence Complex protects skin from the ageing effects of Artificial Electromagnetic Waves.-Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex of White Tea and Succory Dock-Cress protects skin from indoor and outdoor urban pollution.-Creates an imperceptible physical film on the skin to reinforce teh skin's own natural protective barrier.
Ingredients : -Magnetic Defence Complex (Rhodiola Rosea + Thermus Themophillus)Anti-pollution Complex (White Tea + Succory Dock-Cress _ Glycofilm)
Method of Use :Spritz onto the face, neck and décollété over your regular skin care and make-up, in the morning and/or evening or at anytime of the day.
e3P抗污染噴霧,透薄隱形保護膜發揮多重污染物防護!!!Clarins破天荒發表了全球第一款能對抗電磁波的科技新產品 - e3P抗污染噴霧,以簡單的噴霧形式,幫助對抗長期在生活中使用手機 、 電腦所發出的電磁波。感覺清爽及透薄,在透明無色的噴霧下受到強力的防護,肌膚即使處於所有現今的污染環境之中仍然得到保護。e3P抗污染噴霧能提供肌膚保護屏障,降低肌膚老化風險。持久保持幼嫩肌膚e3P的美肌功效- 減慢細胞因污染物而老化的現象,令肌膚保持幼嫩- 對抗城市污染物的侵害,因此有效地令其他護膚品功效更顯著喚醒肌膚細胞自我修護及再生,使肌膚回復光彩


edks said...

hi andy, wld like to ask u which makeup base is better: cosme decorte aq makeup essence smooth natural or cle de peau beaute's?

ive this problem, whenever i applied makeup in the morning, it's all fresh n nice. but by noon, it becomes dull and my face feels oily and looks as though there's no makeup on. what shld i do?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi edks

First of all you didn't mention how's yr skin type like so I'm not really sure what's good for you? As you mention about having makeup done in morning & by noon become dull,Oily...I think you've oily skin?or combination skin?which causes yr skin oxidise faster than others that why yr face look dull? Shiseido, Ettusais & Clinique have some range of skin care & makeup products that help people with oily/combination skin type. You can go to their counter & check on it?

Anonymous said...

hi andy

i enjoy your blog as you recommend new pdts for beauty conscious ladies like me :p

you look like a really nice person when i saw you on your tv program :)

i am looking for a day moisturiser with SPF. But I like the texture to be very smooth and light like emulsion. Any recomendation?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thanks a lot Lyn

Need to know what's yr skin type for moisturiser?
I prefer to use a moisturiser follow by a sunblock that's non oily. Personally for sun block I love Shiseido Anessa SPF50+++,Lancome UV Expert DNA Shield & Chanel UV Essentiel also not too bad!

edks said...

hi andy, tks 4 replying.

yes ive combination skin. which makeup base is better for combination skin?

these are my daily steps:
1) SKII clear lotion
2) SKII treatment essence
3) moisturiser (fr my facial salon)
4) ettusais (medicated acne whitening sun block)
5) clarins truly matte foundation
6) sothys loose powder

can u oso recommend me a gd loose powder?

actually to be frank kind of tired of going to counters trying out multiple products which none seems to help. pls save me! :)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi edks

For combination skin - cle de peau refreshing makeup base is good! For loose powder you can try "Ettusais" as this is better for combination skin.

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