Thursday, September 6, 2007

Found new skin care products for mature skin!!

Me & mom was in Bangkok recently & she forget to bring her face cream!! Happen to pass by "Watson" & saw this face creams! I've seem this brand in singapore pharmancy but have not seen this "Hyaluron-filler treatment cream"(around 2090Bht/around S$50). So excited about it cos I'm always believe in skin products with "Hyaluron"!! suppose to helps plumps up even deep wrinkles from inside out!! Mom bought it & of course I get to try as well ! Is more for dry skin but is quite smooth in texture...not too oily though. Have been using for more than a week & I think is pretty good!! Hope they'll bring them into Singapore too!
Can check it out @


Natty said...

hello Andy!

thank god i found your blog!
i have some problems about my makeup for months yet i couldnt' get any help and have to stop myself from going out. :(

i always apply a thin layer of moisturiser before my foundation and compact powder after my foundation. is it right or wrong?

however, not even an hour my nose start to become oily and all my makeup (except my nose) start to look dry, cakey.

and my nose area start to reveal my original skin with little foundation stains on it. it looks terrible and ugly. what has happened?

and i used pencil eyeliner to draw my eyes. but it start to smudge not even 5 mins. i didnt apply any thing near my eye area. and not even the end of the day, i look like a panda.

does the symtoms above shows that foundation doesn't suit me?
please help!

natty, 18.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Natty

You seem like having combination skin. Maybe you may need to check on yr moisturiser whether is suitable for yr skin type? As you're only 18 years old - having oily T-zone is normal for yr age.My suggestion for u is to use a oil free but hydrating moisturiser follow by a thin layer of oil free but hydrating liquid foundation.Maybe try to use a loose powder instead of compact powder to set yr makeup as compact powder maybe too thick & causes the dry & cakeyness. Only bring along compact powder for touching up.Use oil block paper to block the oil on yr nose thru out the day.You may want to consider to use oil controlling skin care for the T-zone area? For eyeliner best to use M.A.C "powerpoint"eye pencil or "Fluidline"eye liner gel. Both have very good long lasting power!

natty said...

sorry, i still some more questions.

firstly, i'm using johnson baby lotion as moisturiser. do you think is alright?

secondly, is 2-way cake the same as compact powder? cause i used them as compact powder after my foundation.

thirdly, can you recommend some loose powder that is good? and what kind of oil block paper and skin care is good?

Andy, thank you so much!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Natty

Oh dear! No wonder you've all this problem!
I'll rather use Johnson baby lotion for body instead on face.
Two-way-cake is a foundation & is much much thicker than compact powder so you're using the wrong thing!
For loose powder you may want to try ZA,Ettusais,Shu Uemura or M.A.C.
For Oil block paper - Johnson & Johnson blue colour type or Gatspy(both in plastic film type)

natty said...

Andy, thank you for correcting my mistake. :)

carrie said...

i'm 23 and this prodt seems amazing. i ahve combi/dehydrated skin. would it be too rich for me?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Carrie

Yes! I think this products may be too rich for you! But best if you can get a chance to try the tester first before you purchase it.

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