Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gel Matrix of Light for Lips from Beaute de Kose

I really love this liquid lip colors! Is between lipstick & lipgloss, giving the lip much more natural look!
There's 10 different colors in this range. I persnally love PK801(a light pearly pink tone)
Product Features
* Imparts the feeling of tautness with the shine of layered gloss. By fully capturing light, it creates fuller lips with emphasized contour.
* Incorporates a base offering excellent transparency, enabling the cold brilliance of the rich combination of pearl and clear natural color to stand out even more.
* With its flexible film, it feels light on application leaving no stickiness or unnatural sensation.
* Imparts an excellent shielding effect on the lips, leaving a moist finish that continues for hours on end.
* Adheres tightly with a just-applied beauty that lasts longer.


Anonymous said...

is the color of ur choice suitable for fair to medium skin color?

btw, what's the correct way to apply it if i do not want to use the tip in contact w my lips?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


Yes! The color that I like was used on someone who's fair but it still look radiance!
To avoid using the tip on applying directly to your lips , you can use a lip brush to brush tru the applicater than apply to your lips.

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