Friday, June 26, 2009

Neutrogena Wave

Saw this at Watson yesterday, find it quite interesting but didn't get it. Have anyone try this so far? Is it any good?

Their website mention about :
Clean up to* 10x deeper than traditional cleansers
Gentle vibrations open pores, so tingly foam can go 10x deeper to remove more dirt, oil and makeup than traditional cleansers.
Reveal softer skin in 1 use
Softly textured pads sweep away layers of dead skin cells, leaving you with softer, smoother-looking skin after just 1 use!
Gentle enough for daily use
That clean feeling you love will last even longer as your skin becomes less oily with continued daily use of the NEUTROGENA Wave™.


AtelierGal said...

Some of my friends who have used it said theirs spoilt really soon. I told them not to wet the foaming pad under a running tap, unlike shown in the advert.

They did it otherwise, and its bye bye bye.

Many find that the foaming isn't really good either. I rather cleanse my face with my hands.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thank you very much AtelierGal for your sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, i got 1.. its now dumped into a dark corner in my drawer..its a piece of crap!Waste of money =(

Anonymous said...

Not that good...
I would rather use my hand to wash my face...
Somemore not really suitable for all skin Type

sue said...

i think it really made my skin softer from the first use but it is not advisable for daily usage. It's quite drying even for combination skin

Meng Xue said...

Looking at the comments, it's really thank goodness I didn't get it. I was horribly alarmed at Neutrogena's invention! God gave us hands (NO, I am not Christian), but I still believe that God gave us hands, our hands are so soft and good, why does anyone want to replace it with a machine??? I really think Neutrogena is crazy to invent this.

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