Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oil control

Haba Spot Repair
This is a beauty serum for acne care. It cares acne from fundamental and also works on blemishes. It was developed to help women who have skin problems such as oily skin and pimples. It contains an abundance of the ingredients that make skin beautiful including oil-soluble Vitamin C. You will notice an amazingly smooth, silky feel from the moment you apply this serum. Not only Vitamin C, it contains ingredients that would make skin beautiful such as Vitamin A, B5, E, liquorice extract and tea tree extract.

Price: S$75

Bioderma Sébium Mat, with its high matifying capacity, treats all the causes of shiny skin immediately and durably, neutralises reflection through the unique action of original microparticles (silica and microspearls). The skin reflects less light (optical correction).
regulates sebum secretion, thanks to seboregulating agents (zinc gluconate, vitamin B6) working in synergy.
improves skin texture. Its exclusive patented Fluidactiv® complex maintains sebum quality, thereby preventing the pores from becoming blocked. Keratoregulating agents (AHA esters) speed up cellular renewal and tighten the pores.
 Non-comedogenic, its cream-gel texture is quickly absorbed, and ensures make-up holds well. Sébium Mat does not flake off.

Price: S$36

Kose Junkisui Refreshing Spots Serum (25ml):
Contains several Chinese herbal extracts, such as Moutan Bark Extract, Peony Root Extract, Fennel Extract, Coix Seed Water, Soapberry Extract and Salicylic Acid for smoothing, tightening and refreshing the skin with excess sebum and concerned pores. Skin becomes smooth and comfortable with cooling sensation.

Oil-free, colorant-free and non-comedogenic
For normal to oily and oily skin

How to use?
Use every morning and night after cleansing. Dab the sponge tip on concerned area (such as t-zone and spots) directly to blend into the skin.

Price: S$37

Medicated Acne Sebum Off Kit
Blackheads and whiteheads caught in pores disappear! In two steps, area around the nose becomes smooth and clear!
How it Works:
Designed for acne troubled skin, this 2-step mask provides deep cleansing for the skin to thoroughly remove blackheads. It also controls sebum secretion and reduces shine.
Price: S$34


Juschev said...

So coincidental. Just visited HABA last night and got a sample of the Spot Repair:)

gem said...

hey andy,
where cani get Bioderma Sébium Mat in sporE??


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Gem

You can find Bioderma at most of Guardian.

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