Monday, May 24, 2010

Yummy foods from Hokkaido!

Just came back from Hokkaido! This is my second trip & I still enjoy very much, especially all the great Japanese seafood, Kobe beef & yummy ice creams!!! OMG! Have put on so much weight! Hehehe....

Freshly seafood set meals

Top grade Kobe beef

Yummy medium well cook Kobe beef

A must try special soft ice cream when you're in Otaru

Fried salmon with vegetable set lunch with snow crab soup

Salmon hot pot set dinner with fresh sashimi & Tempura
Salmon & Scallop hot pot
Scallop with braised vegetable
BBQ beef

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wiolwaker said...

Seriously BBQ beef looking really delicious and yummy.! My mouth still watering. I haven't enjoyed beef since two months.
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