Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wong Kar Wai for Shu Uemura 2011 Holiday makeup collection

Just attended Shu Uemura’s launching of 2011 Holiday makeup collection yesterday.

For the 2011 holiday season, Shu Uemura comes together with internationally renowned film director Mr. Wong Kar Wai, who was an award-winning writer/director whose unique narrative and visual styles have touched audiences around the world and inspired a generation of filmmakers.

Incollaboration with Wong, Shu Uemura introduces a holiday collection rich in emotions and atmosphere, with beautiful package decoration inspired by his special short film for Shu Uemura – Mask.this collection emphasizes timeless elegance and poetic tones and takes the shu uemura look to a new dimension.

Inspired by a poem written by Charles Bukowski “Burning in water, drowning in flame”, Wong’s emotional masterpiece is a portrait of the liberating passion deep within our hearts, which reinvents ourself with sparks of red passion that slowly burn….until like ice, drowning in fire.

A fantasia rich with emotions, “Mask” is a dance between the extreme heat of passion and a sea of calm, climaxing in a glittering shower of healing beauty. Every face is a celebration of life and nothing can stop the flow of your passion this holiday season. Will be out in store 11 Nov 2011.

Burning in water palette (S$115)

Shimmering blue eyes burn with intensity. When classic bleu is fused with silver sparkles, a new fairytale begins. Deep aqua is infused with energy. Express the flush of passion within by cheek colors.

Drowning in flame palette (S$115)

Drown in the impulse, indulge in love and passion. When everlasting tender rose is touched with golden dust, a story begins to glow. Express natural warmth and femininity with application of a cheek colors.

False eyelash(premium edition) – Dance in Glitter (S$125)

False eyelash - Jewel Love (S$45)

Glittery mascara – Glorions masquerade( with gold glitter) S$45

Lustrous Glow Powder – Pleasure Rose ( S$65)

A warm, rosy powder with shimmering gold pearls

Rouge Unlimted – S$39 each

Rouge Luster (deep tender red shade with delicate gold shimmer)

Pink Flush (bright warm pink tone with glossy finish)

Glitter Fuse (beige with gold dust)

Mini Nail Duo

Festive Rouge ( S$49) – A pair just right for the festive season. Pearly warm and deep rouge meets golden charm.

Bleu Splendor (S$49)– A set of cool and classy yet playful colors. A starry shine in midnight blue Christmas sky.

Flashing gold mini brush set – S$125
White recovery EX brightening cleansing oil advance formula - 450ml S$155

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