Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anna Sui 2012 Spring Makeup Collection

Happy Valentine Day! In the shimmering soft sunshine of spring, they transform flowers into a sparking array of colors. Inspired by Ms Anna Sui’s dream garden, just like a vintage garden designed by Gertrude Jerkyll who have created over 400 gardens in the UK, Europe and America; her influence on garden design has been pervasive to this day. A garden fill with all kind of beautiful roses, especially Cabbage Roses and Bourbon Roses.

A gradation of colors with rich array of shades reminiscent of bouquet of roses. Ranging from a vivid deep color to a soft pastel, this cheek color contains four shades in one palette. They are suggestive of fully bloomed roses and enable you to produce a natural gradation. Either using a single color or create your own original favorite color by mixing the shades, with their glamorous shades, your cheeks become as if roses have come into bloom. Total of six palette - 100 Mystic Rose, 300 Romantic Rose, 301 Dreamy Rose, 400 Anna Rose, 500 Antique Rose and 600 Sunny Rose. Price at S$49 each.

Liquid Eye Liner in 3 shades - 001 Black, 200 Violet and 500 Brown, price at S$33 each.

With double characteristic, this limited Double Lip Gloss comes in flocky tip of Rouge color at one end and spatula Pearl color on the other end. Bright pigment oil has added to promote clearer color development and the formation of an even cosmetic film. The result is a fresh, moist, glossy cosmetic film. This double lip gloss is light and soft with no hint of heaviness. Total of 3 shades - 01 Sensual Rose, 02 Seductive Rose and 03 Prismatic Rose. Price at S$42 each.

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