Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sisleya Concentre Anti-Age Fermete Corps

When we talk about skin care, lots of women who always will just focus mostly on the face and always forget about the skin all over their body! Although the skin on the body is less exposed to external aggressions than face. Hormonal changes, lack of physical exercise and repeated sun exposure, lead to a loss of density and firmness. Especially when come to certain age, skin firmness becomes a concern for all women, whatever their weight or figure. The more obvious areas affected are the inside of the arms and thighs, the stomach and buttocks, not forgetting the decollete which is exposed daily! Sisley creates Sisleya Concentre Anti-Age Fermete Corps - their first major global anti-aging skin care for the body which helps improve skin slackening and loss of firmness to combat the visible effects of skin aging and allow women to recover the appearance of younger and more toned body! This wonderful anti-aging body cream contain a concentrate of 19 plant-based active ingredients to combat all the signs of skin aging on the body, e.g. slacking, cellulite, fine lines, dehydration etc. A formula which combines the power of serum, the comfort of cream, the effectiveness of a tightening agent.
I really love the wonderful texture of this silky body cream! I do believe most women in the Asian countries areas don't like the stickiness or oily effect when come to applying body cream. This is the best anti-aging body cream that I've tried so far! Silky soft texture with non-oily feeling! Love it!

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