Monday, October 29, 2012

BRTC BB Cream Line from Sasa

BRTC is a cosmeceutical brand served with botanical patent science (Miracle Blue) safely applicable even to sensitive skin by various irritations and troubles owing to the fact that the entire BRTC line contains developed Blue Complex, a plant patent ingredient, which provides an immediate soothing function as well as anti-oxidation based on elements from blue plant as lavender and chamomile used with its excellent soothing effect in traditional medical science throughout the world.

Dermatologic safety test being completed! Smart functional BB & Sun care product line!
Consists of sun care products helping double block against UV-A, B and BB cream which provides customized solutions for each skin type in order to manage the problems as well as various skin type, thus it creates beautiful and healthy skin tone by maximizing the makeup effect and customized skin expression as well as skin protection.

Jasmine water BB cream 35ml
helps soothing and moisturizing of dry and sensitive skin
Triple function BB cream with jasmine flower water and Blue complex that help soothing and moisturizing of dry and sensitive skin and create moist and bright skin tone expression

Whitening and repairing BB cream 35ml
helps firming care for all skin
Natural skin expression is possible with high adhesion and natural color base. It includes intensive whitening and firming care ingredients that create firm and bright skin.

Gold caviar BB cream 35ml
helps nutrient supply and shaping care of dry and aging skin
Triple function BB cream with high concentrated caviar extract and platinum that help provide nutrient to dry and aging skin and create vital skin tone expression

Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream 35ml
Watery shine water-drop BB cream for dry and dull skin
This mineral water-drop BB cream creates water drops as it being rubbed; it revises the skin through creating a moisturizing film with supplying water to deep within dry skin and also revises the skin tone to be clear and splendid.

EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE at S$32 each in selected SaSa Stores.

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