Monday, October 15, 2012

Guerlain Christmas 2012 makeup collection

Guerlain’s Christmas 2012 makeup collection was inspired by the brand’s fragrance Liu. It is  Olivier Echaudemaison’s  interpretation of the scent which was created in 1929 by Jacques Guerlain.
Liu is a  hymn to femininity and true love,which was inspired by  the heroine of Turandot, Puccini’s opera. The story is about the  young slave who chooses to commit suicide rather than reveal the name of her master with whom she is in love.  The scent symbolized the power of secrets.

LIU, Perfumed Shimmer Powder Face, Body and Hair 
The notes are: luminous aldehydes, a sensual armful of roses and a caressing base of vanilla, iris and woody notes.

LIU, Eye And Lip Calligraphy Palette
This collectors item was inspired by the art of calligraphy and Asian beauty rituals. It includes two shades for the lips – carmine and blue-toned red,  three eye shadows with an iridescent powder texture – bronze, copper and white, and a  matte black powder liner that can be used wet or dry.

MÉTÉORITES PERLES DU DRAGON, Illuminating Powder – Pure Radiance
Pale pink and beige to even out the complexion, white and gold to illuminate, plum and rosewood to brighten areas of shadow and erase fatigue.
MÉTÉORITES WULONG, Exceptional Pressed Powder 
‘Matte shades – three light, medium and golden beiges to even out the complexion, and a pink to refresh and revive – are paired with two white and gold illuminating shades that enter the scene to add subtle radiance.’

ÉCRIN 4 COULEURS, Long-lasting Eyeshadows, Captivating Colours 
500 Les Ombres Turandot,  two matte – Rose Satiné and Prune Aubergine – and two iridescent – Doré Clair and Beige Mordoré – textures.

SHINE AUTOMATIQUE, Hydrating Lip Shine  700 Altoum, a gold adorned with beautiful tone-on-tone sparkle which you can wear on bare lips or on top of other products and 760 Lou-Ling, an enchanting plum set off with a golden sparkle.
NAIL LACQUERS, Hands and Feet  03 Altoum, a gleaming gold, 04 Lou-Ling, a stunning plum.

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