Wednesday, June 4, 2008

矿物化妆品 敏感肤质的救星!

化妆达人Andy Lee好推荐 

久违的Andy,这次要介绍一种新的发现 – mineral makeup!

矿物化妆品,听起来也许有点“不够天然”。其实恰恰相反!Mineral makeup早在 2、3 年前开始在欧美流行起来,而且是萃取天然矿物中的精华所提炼出来的。产品含有的主要成分包括Titanium Dioxide,Zinc Oxide和Mica等等,有小雨阻断紫外线,甚至对皮肤有很好的附着性!



You can view the vodcast at the link below:


Anonymous said...

Hey andy,

I totally love your talk shows and hope you can do more so i can learn more tricks from you!

And you always look so good : ).

Is all the mineral prodcuts from relvon? or is it from other brands?

you did mentioned in your video that the mineral make up has better converage than normal foundations?

I would like to ask. my gf used instant pefector from clarins to hide her pores but it seems her pores are eeven more obvious.

is it true that the more you try to cover the more obvious it will get?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


Thanks for your support!
There's quite a number of brands do carry mineral makeup! There's Revlon,Loreal, Milani,Sprash(You can get them at John Little in Marina Square & Watson. There's also GloMineral & Laura Mercial from ThruColour in Ngee Ann City.
Yes! I did mention that the mineral makeup "powder" is better in coverage than normal foundation powder if applying correctly!
As for instant perfector - indeed a great product but maybe your friend may have applying too much/thick? Have to be very careful when applying all this pore corrector as most of this products have certain ingredients which help to smooth out open pore. Is a bit like rubbery gel type in textures, so if over applied it will be a bit uneven. Always remember "Less is More!" Try applying a thin layer will do.

Kal said...

Hi Andy,

can you recommend a not too expensive makeup base for combination/oily skin?

Thanks so much :)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

For cheaper range of makeup base for combination skin you can look for the Japanese brand "Sana". They've different type of makeup base & colors. You can find them at John Little Marina Square.

geeko said...

Hi Andy

Between BB cream and mineralized foundations, which would you recommend for a sensitve skin that is prone to redness and breakouts? (My skin used to be okay until i got an allergic reaction to a skincare product since then my skin has remained sensitive and turns red easily..i don't want to use products that will worsen my skin condition)

I heard bb creams are good. but when i feel the texture of some of them, I find them too thick for my liking.

Have you tried MAC's mineralized satin liquid foundation? How is it?

Sorry for asking so many questions..By the way..I love your
book Starlicious. Provides lots of useful make up tips. Hope u will come out with another book on make up. All the best!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Geeko

Thanks for your support!
First, you may want to find out what's the major ingredients that causes your skin allergy!
For BB cream & mineral makeup both are different kind of products. At this point I think the mineral "powder" type will be better for your skin but remember to apply this mineral powder on a well moisture skin as it maybe a bit drying if your skin is dehydrated.
Have not tried M.A.C mineral satin liquid yet so I'm not sure is good. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

hello andy : ).

does mineral foundation gets really cakey very easily? i just bought my mineral make up from relvon : ).

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Only when you've apply too much! You can view the above Vodcast about application.

Anonymous said...

the vodcast no longer have already?

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