Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Rich "Tai Tai"!

Some time I just wonder why some of this so call "Rich Tai Tai" behave like that?
Was conducting a makeup workshop this afternoon with "cle de peau BEAUTE"a prestige cosmetic brand in the world. 
The moment I arrived, the staff from this cosmetics company already told me there's this "Rich Tai Tai-Mdm Lee who's later on I found out that she's in her 70" have been very rude to them! She've been criticzing about why some of the staff are so old!!( Which's not true!!!), even saying she don't like some of their looks as in "不顺眼"! 
This beauty workshop is about "Tea with celebrity makeup artist Andy Lee!"---- She ask "Who's Andy Lee? Never heard about him(showing her unpleasant face). I'm fine that people who don't know about me but if you've sign up this workshop you should at least show some interest & respect!!! I'm not saying that everyone should know who the hell I am!!!!
Well,,, no matter what as a professional makeup artist I still do my job accordingly & I believe all of them have enjoy the session including Mdm Lee! But after I'm done with my makeup demo while going around to see if they need help with their own makeup.... Finally I get to meet Mdm Lee face to face! Guess what? She told me when she first saw me walking in & thinking who's this "Sissy"guy?But after my makeup demo she've to admit that she really enjoy it! Asking me if I can guide her on her makeup? Of course I've to help her even I'm not happy with the way she behave. "I tell you har! Don't make me look like a ghost!"say Mdm Lee. 
"Of course not! I make sure you'll look great when you walk out of this room!"my replied. Was trying my very best to guide her on her makeup & she was telling me that she've three sons & they're all lawyers!!! I just smile & try to make her happy cos she was talking so loud! 
Until the end of the workshop, which most of them were asking & buying some products, there she go again,, asking the sales girls for more free gift! Keep saying she's using "XXX"brands of cosmetics & they always give her extra gift & discount! I walk over & tell her that because "cle de peau BEAUTE"is a very prestige brand & only excellent facial services will be given to some of the VIP clients which they'll happily inviting Mdm Lee for the facial treatment. 
During the conversation between me & Mdm Lee - she uses the facial registered card to knock on my head!!! Finally I can't take it any more & told her off! " Don't think that just because I'm trying my best to serve you & you can just hit me like that!!! 
I told her to leave & will not serve her any more!!!                


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Haha well done! I think this no brainy woman must have got a big shock when you told her off! I can't stand people who think they own the world too!

Anonymous said...

Andy Dear BRAVO for telling her off . This kind of OLD kiam chai is simply One Of A Kind . Old grumpy Rich Tai Tai must be a recluse for behaving this way LOL as I mentioned old kiam chai who will want HAHAHAHA



Anonymous said...

OH..andy down cool down, don’t let this ugly old lady spoilt your day, not worth it…u know why with her brainless, all her three sons can become lawyer? All her sons also cannot tahan her and want to avoid her mah!! that’s way they study study study lor…until can become lawyer! Hahaha….I bet none of them staying with her…Forgive her bah, she is so lonely…


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Some people are just hard to please. Don't let this incident spoil your day.

Cheerios :)

Anonymous said...

yes Andy glad that you told her off. this lady needs a lecture... and it is an insult to you hittin your head... she has no brains . her actions simply illustrate that .. she is not well educated and shd be shameful ..!!!
hope u are alright

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thank you to all who supported me! I'm fine & well! Thank you very much! :)

Marcus said...

Andy, don't angry. Smile and life still goes on with / without her. =) Your Makeup works the best. I believe everybody does learn lots of things from you. You're Great!

Anonymous said...

unreasonable!!! just 4get it, maybe she is "sensile". I have come across many type of Tai Tai when helping out at friend's nail shop. The half-bucket(a bit rich) Tai Tai sucks but the real rich Tai Tais are super. They don't complain or comment, they just leave to nail techs to do the job; with tips somemore....

Anonymous said...

no matter how expensive the make up products she uses, she still cant cover up her ugly heart

Marc said...

Well done Andy, who is she to say others are old when she is old herself. And good job for standing up to her with her rude atrocious behaviour.

So what if she is a rich tai tai, she still needs to treat people with respect!

Kal said...

That was cool, Andy! Some think they are at a higher class but not when they have low class attitude.

Anonymous said...

Andy, you was very patience with her already so I think you are not in the wrong : ).

I always believe * You don't demand respect from people but you earn it yourself caused no one is fit to demand from anyone. *

Andy please don't be bother? I will always support you and please blog more often okay : ).


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

谢谢大家的关心与支持,感激!我会继续努力,谢谢!Thank you all for your support! :)

geeko said...

It's tough being in the service line and especially when you come across people who has this mentality of "you owe me a living"
just becase they have the $$$$.

You have the right to tell her off because that woman's attitude downright sucks. In fact, I would say kudos to you in telling her off. Such a person who doesn't respect others does not deserve respect. Respect has to be earned.
What i feel is tht such people are so UGLY in character that no amount of make up will be able to make them beautiful, inside out.

Anyway, don't let such people make u upset ya??? Your days will surely be better =) cheers!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thanks a lot Geeko! :)

Eileen. 静 said...

wow..that old lady really thinks money is everything huh.. terrible :P

cheer up!

Frans said...

Dear Andy,

Dun be bothered by her behaviour. I guess she lacks confidence of herself. Beauty comes from within &, also by enhancing the outer. She seems to have neither of them. Be what other people say, I always believe in your sincerity to help others look their best.

Oddy said...

Did you say she was 70? Well...... she may be turning senile without realising herself. Ever wonder why some older folks are more eccentric? It is a sign that age is catching up!

Nevertheless, have grace because you are blessed to give. :-)

Anonymous said...

Such an irritating old lady.

Andy, I think you are very professional and very tolerant to her.

If it's me, I think I might tell her that being gentle and careful is not sissy...and she got to get it right.

Well... maybe treat this as an interesting incident. Life would be kind of dull without ppl like them.
At least there's a reason for you to grumble and complain. :D


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