Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Revlon ColorStay long lasting fondation!

Someone was asking me about a good long lasting foundation for combination/oily skin! I think this one is quite good & not too expensive! They also have "For Normal/dry skin"type as well!  


pearl said...

Hi Andy,
Sorry this is so out of point... but can i use sunblock like those regular sunblock with spf50 around my eye areas? because im afraid they will dry or...it will adversely affect the eye area

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Pearl

Normally we'll try to avoid applying sunblock on eyelid area but I don't think is really a big problem doing so but best try to avoid it! I believe wearing a nice pair of sun glasses will be better for blocking away the harmful UV ray around the eye area right?

Anonymous said...

hello andy!

I want to get those nude kinda of lips but yet i can't seem to achieve such effects.

do u hav any idea on how to achieve? and what brand of lipstick should i do for ?

Beauty Addict said...

Hi Andy, is this Revlon foundation ok for combination dry skin? My T-zone is oily yet dry. Nose area occasionally have peeling skin.

Also any good foundation that is sweat/water proof like those that is used on outdoor shoots? I sweat very easily. Sorry for the many questions. Thanks!


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Gracie

This foundation is for combination/oily skin. If your nose area have peeling is maybe your dead cells too thick/much? Try to use balancing toner every time before your moisturizer or use some AHA or BHA products may help as well.
For sweat/water proof foundation - "CoverMark" is quite good. Marina Square "John Little" have them.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

To Achieve the effect of nude lips look- choose those lip color that's very close to your lip tone or even lighter if you dare but if you've thin lips than you may need to look for slightly darker earth/brown tone to help to make your lip thicker. M.A.C have lots of nude/earth brown lip color.

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