Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shiseido Maquillage loose powder!

Just saw this Shiseido Maquillage loose powder in a Japanese Beauty magazine! This is one of the best among the reader's choice!!! Have you try it yet? Will go get it & see is really good!! :)  

Have tried this loose powder, is very fine in texture but come with shimmery, so for people with oily skin may not like it as you may look over shinny! Is nice to use it if you're going for an evening event. 


Anonymous said...

hi andy : ),

What is tinted moisturer? Is it just moisturer? I should tap my moisturer when i apply on my face?

Now I know why my make up is always cakey..coz i apply too much? now i apply a extremely thin layer of liquid before i slowly dab a extremely thin layer of the mineral foundation : ).

Anonymous said...

ANDY! pls review the loose powder ya~ thanks so much

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Tinted moisturizer is a moisturizer with skin tone that've very light or no coverage. For applying moisturizer don't need to dap on, just apply thinly will do. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello Andy,

Your new updates are wonderful information, really appreciate all your sharing. Thanks!

Just curious... Can tinted moisturizer be used to replace liquid foundation for light makeup?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thanks for your support Ezo,

Yes if you prefer to have a light base you can used tinted moisturizer as foundation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

May I know which brand of concealer and moisturiser have a very good coverage as I have pigmentation.

Is liquid concealer and moisturiser a better choice.

Thank you.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

First, there's no moisturizer come with good coverage! That's why they're named moisturizer, not concealer or foundation.
For strong coverage foundation there's liquid,emulsion, cream & stick type depend on what you prefer! You can look for M.A.C or CoverMark.

Anonymous said...

Hiyo Andy,
just nice...I'm looking for loose powder. Still wondering if i should order from Taiwan. Hmm....

Could you update in your blog if you have the chance to try out this loose powder?

Winnie (^o^)

Anonymous said...

hi andy,

I just came across your blog and saw your post regarding the Shiseido Maquillage loose powder. I've been using for a very long time already and I just can't get enough of it. It looks great all day because of its shiny finish. It looks great during the day because you look fresh and also at night for the added glamour on your face. :)

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