Friday, August 22, 2008

Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation!

Instant Smooth Foundation
Here's a foundation that will give you a flawless complexion with a natural, radiant glow.

The best part is that this new foundation incorporates all the goodness of Clarins' Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch - the make-up base in a red jar that has been a best-selling hit since it was introduced. Women love this magical base so much - it makes your complexion look fabulously flawless - that 1.1million red jars have already been sold world-wide!

The new Instant Smoothing Foundation is a pleasure to wear. Its feather-light mousse texture glides effortlessly over skin and produces a flawless finish.

Acacia Micro-Pearls plump your skin so any visible lines and open pores are instantly smoothed away. Meanwhile, soft-focus pigments conceal any imperfections and make skin appear smoother by optical effect.

Apply Instant Smooth Foundation on well-hydrated skin. It contains Acacia Micro-Pearls which plump up with moisture from skin to fill up lines and enlarged pores.


elina said...

what is the price of clarins instant smooth foundation?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Elina

If I'm not wrong is about S$60.

Kal said...

Hi Andy,

went for the workshop at Bishan today and it was simply great. Learn a lot of tips from you and really hope to meet you again. By the way, I'm the one (2nd from your right in black top :) ) who asked you that very rare case of how to select a foundation if the face n neck color are of different tone. Thanks for sharing with us.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thanks Kal for your support! Hope you learn something from the makeup workshop. Take care! :)

Eve said...

Hi Andy

I am looking for a night moisturiser. But I like the very liquid-like feel like emulsion or lotion cos I find it absorbs in my skin faster. I have slightly dry skin, w t zone oily.

What do you recommend? I am in my mid 30s.


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Eve

If you're looking for water base moisturizer there's a few brands you can look out! "Ipsa", "Laniege","Bioderm" or "H20". Is best to go to those counter that can analyze your skin first?

liyun said...

Hi Andy,

I love to read your blog as you share with us a lot of tips. Thanks for your regular posting and answer our question. In the first place when I first post a comment, I was in doubt that you will answer my question but without a few days I got my reply from you. Thank for your time and quick reply.

Well, I would like to check with you, what is mineral oil? Why people tend to avoid this ingredient when buying skin-care product or cosmetic. Is it really very bad for our skin what is the side-effect. Other than mineral oil what should we concern?

Thank you

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Liyun

Thanks for your support!
There are two basic kinds of mineral oil--those derived from petrolatum (better known as Vaseline) and those derived from a group of ingredients called silicones such as dimethicone and cyclomethicone. Mineral oil and petrolatum are very common moisturizing ingredients and for two good reasons. First they are inexpensive, and second, they work. Petrolatum and mineral oil do not absorb into the skin because the molecules are too large to penetrate the skin. Therefore they stay on the surface and provide a barrier between the skin and the air. This is a good reason to look for mineral oil and petrolatum listed in a moisturizer. The same is true for the silicones which also do an impressive job of keeping water in the skin..some beauty experts feel that mineral oils are a skin care no-no and should be avoided at all costs. They feel they can cause blemishes ..not sure why these experts pick on mineral oil more than say, lanolin or vegetable oil, which are also known to clog pores and cause allergic reactions.Besides, you are more likely to be allergic to a lot of other cosmetic ingredients than you are to mineral oil.One of the reasons it has become popular as a skin care product is that it forms a film over the skin that prevents the skin from contacting or absorbing anything in the environment. For example, it’s best to keep a rash dry, and mineral oil helps prevent the absorption of water.Large cosmetic companies are continuing to use synthetic and petrochemical ingredients in personal care products. Pick up any bottle of lotions, cream, shampoo, conditioner, or toothpaste in your house right now and see how many natural ingredients they contain. Another popular use is in bath oils. In this case, it supposedly keeps moisture locked in, and makes the skin feel smooth. Since dry skin generally feels rough and flaky, the assumption is that if the skin feels smooth, then it is moist.The hole in these theories is that mineral oil doesn’t allow the skin to ‘breathe’. While it may keep moisture in, it also prevents the body from absorbing oxygen and from eliminating toxins and other waste products – both of which are such vital bodily processes that their malfunction could create dry skin, and many other unhealthy conditions. Mineral oil is not absorbed into your skin because the molecules are too large. It just sits on top of your skin and clogs your pores, which doesn't allow your skin to absorb water (moisture) which slows the skins ability to eliminate toxins. Remember, the skin in the body's largest organ and plays an important role in maintaining overall health! Once the oil is absorbed, it is broken down by the liver and passes through the intestinal tract, it will absorb all of the fat-soluble vitamins found there. It is essentially stealing important vitamins from the body, which the body will not be able to replace. This can eventually lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Sherl said...

Hi Andy.
May I know how do I apply the CLARINS foundation?
I'm using Minerals foundation now..
Use it after I've applied my foundation or..?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Sherl

If you going to use this foundation just by using finger to apply & blend,finish with loose powder.
If you're already using mineral foundation, I think you don't need any other foundation as it can be too thick if you apply both!

Chen said...

Hi Andy,

I would like to learn make up (personal or bridal, anything) in Singapore. Where is the best place to do so?

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