Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kose Sekkisei lotion

Have tried this skin lotion since my school day & I feel that if a skincare product have been there for so long(over 20 years!) & is still selling well! There must be something special about it!
Sekkisei Lotion

A mild, refreshing tonic that penetrates instantly to get rid of dullness and promotes an even, refined skin tone. The herbal extracts provide brightening, anti-inflammatory, refining, and moisturizing benefits.

Generously soak a thick cotton pad through the back and pat into skin.

Herbs: Coix Seed Extract, Angelica Extract, Melothria Extract, Licorice Extract

200mL/6.7 oz.
360mL/12.1 oz.


Beauty Addict said...

Hi Andy, this lotion is full of alcohol! I don't know what's all the hype over this. Would like to love this but sorry it's getting no love from me :(


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

For most people, the topic of alcohol usually concerns a drink at the bar or the rubbing alcohol in your medicine closet. However, alcohol also tends to be present in skincare products, which they shouldn’t. And it isn’t just one type of alcohol you need to be worried about. It’s important to know what fatty alcohol and harsh alcohols do and which should be avoided.

As the name implies, harsh alcohol is the type that you should stay away from when it comes to your skincare products. This type of alcohol contains properties that are antibacterial, which in some cases is good, but just not for the skin. As a result, harsh alcohols cause the skin to become extremely dry. Examples of the most common forms of harsh alcohols include rubbing alcohol and SD-alcohol 40. Because of its tendency to evaporate quickly, when contained in a skincare product, this causes the skin to become dry and irritated.

Fatty alcohols are actually the type you don’t need to worry about in your skincare. These particular fatty alcohols, namely propylene glycol and panthenol, possess the ability to enhance a skincare product’s moisturizing properties and operate as humectants, which allows the water to bind to the skin. Tocopherol also contains moisturizing properties as well as antioxidant properties, while stearyl alcohol works as an emulsifier and emollient.

Tammy said...

hi andy, is this a toner? Tks

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Is a medicated whitening lotion, can be used as a toner.

Doreen said...

Hi Andy, I've tried patting a soaked cotton pad with sekkisei on my acne before and it worked wonderfully! Can I try this on my 11 year old daughter who has developed acnes on her forehead?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Doreen

I've not do try on teenager's acne.. You can try out for a couples of days first and see how? Cos there's different between teenager acne and adult acne due to hormone changes. If it doesn't work pls bring her to see a skin doctor immediately!

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