Friday, August 8, 2008

Panpuri organic cream wash bar

Was given this organic cream wash bar soap from a Thai friend when my last visit Bangkok. Is really nice.Panpuri Certified Organic Collection from Thailand
Conscious Luxury. Exquisitely Organic.Also found that Oprah Winfrey feature them in her magazine as well!

The Organic Cream Wash Bar is delicately crafted to capture the essence of seductive flowers, exotic spices and precious woods of a far-away paradise. Infused with the rarest, purest, natural scents from India to Thailand and the finest, natural and eco-friendly certified organic ingredients, the Organic Cream Wash Bar is both exquisite and distinctive.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

May I know is it a must to use make up base before using foundation. Which brand of make up base is good for combination skin.

Thank you.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Is not a must to used makeup base but it really does make a lot of different! You can try to look for most Japanese brands,e.g. Shiseido,Kose,Kanebo,RMK. They all have makeup base for combination skin.

Anonymous said...

''Light-reflective powders are essential for achieving the dewy effect that is light, natural and sheer. Your regular pressed or loose powder, when applied over foundation, is what causes the matte complexion, so skip them.''

I saw this at some website. does glowing powder suits oily skin? do u have any recommend?

what are sheer foundation ? can it minimise the pores? and does it get cakey?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

As long as the powder you apply on doesn't look shinny! Some light-reflective powder give a sheer(transparent)finish but some come with shimmer powder,so depend on the result!
Mostly Sheer foundation are water base so its light not too thick,some does have minimising effect but some don't! Look or ask the sale girl before you get them.

Anonymous said...

Hello Andy,I have combi skin and prone to have white head/bumps from using cosmetics and beauty care products.My beautician told me that it's due to comogenic ingredients in the products.I do love those korean beauty brands as well pretty cosmetics.Any brands that you can recommend that's suitable?Is BB cream suitable for me as well?

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Marvelous pictures taken with ur splendid make-up. Just want to enquire where can learn the skill you acquire? Any school you recommend? I'm keen in learning make-up.


Anonymous said...

hi andy,
i dont use foundation just 2 way cake.

can you recommend one with good coverage? i got lots of ance scars :(


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Dear Pauline

Two way cake's foundation! Maybe you can try M.A.C ?

geeko said...

Hi Andy

i need help here.

Do you have any recommendations for a mascara that is both waterproof/smudge proof and helps to lengthens and volumise the lashes?

I'm currently using MAC zoom lash but it is not waterproof (I found out the hard way...I argued with my friend and cried and my face was stained with black tears.) even though it did lengthened my lashes.

Need your professional advice. Thanks!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Geeko

Have you tried Maybelline great lash? Not sure still selling now though? Another one will be Revlon 3D Extreme waterproof.

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