Thursday, August 28, 2008

IPSA Essence lip repairance

When I travel or when I'm over tired & stress, my lips dry up or peeling & even crack! Yet I don't like those lip balm's stickiness(not because they're no good!)
Til I get to tried this Essence Lip Repairance! The feeling is so great that is just like using skin care on the lips! Non sticky or glossy feeling!
Moisturizes lips by increasing the amount of moisture in lips with an excellent moisturizing effect. Provides care for dullness to give lips a glow and a lighter tone. A lip beauty essence that keeps lips healthy and beautiful.
10g ¥2,625
Use in your morning and evening skincare or before applying lipstick. Apply as many times as needed in a day. Directly apply to lips or place an appropriate amount on the fingertips and smooth over the entire lips.


Seraphine said...

Hi Andy,
May I ask how do we choose the lip gloss/lip stick suitable for ourselves?Should it be suited for our skin colour,our lip colour, the occasion or our clothes?Many times, when I apply the lip stick/gloss, the colour does not appear as shown. Is it due to my lip colour?
Hope you can answer the above. Thank you very very much. =)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Seraphine

Most of the time I base on what's the look the person prefer to select the lip color. As what you mention that the color don't appear as what it look like I think is because you're using those lipstick that's well moisturizing, thus is more transparent. If you want the color to be seen as it is maybe you can use tissue to block the lip color than re-apply again a few time. i think maybe your natural lip tone is a bit darker?

yukifumi said...

Hi Andy~

is there any places in Singapore that sells this?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Yuki

You can get this at all IPSA counter. They're in Tangs & Robinson.

Nim said...

Hi Andy, found your website thru Pat Mok's. Hehe.

Would like to find out from u..I have dark eye circle n deep lines on eye area..been told by my facial person that eye area is dry but have a lot of oil spots too! what concealer or facial product do u recommend?

Think I would like to have your expert opinion than the facial person coz they do a lot of hardsell.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Nim

Dark ey circles normally is due to the blood circulation not too well around the eye area, friendly speaking is not so easy to treat. Lots of products at the market say can reduce, yes! only can be reduce but how much? No one know? My idea is to do some exercise to promote blood circulation so at least it'll help a bit. Some people say chinese herb may help but I'm not sure as well cos I'm not expert in this...
As for deep lines on eye area- yes is due to dryness of skin but if the eye cream are too rich may causes oil seets around the area. So far I've tried eye mask from SK-II which is not too bad but also will onlt help a little if the lines are really deep! Maybe if you're brave enough to try Botox? Which gives better result but last only about 3-4 months. I'm trying this new product as you can see under my last posting on "TRI-AKTILINE" Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler. So far so good but because I don't really have very deep lines so can't see great different but I feel that is much better after using for about a week.

jas said...

Really need your advice on Nars. Should i get the blusher or the multiple. My skin is fair yellowish tone and i wonder if the orgasm and south beach colours will suit me.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Jas

I've not uses Nars products so far but went to their web & take a look at what you're asking.
The Multiple sounds like a cream base stick color-will be good if your skin is dry but not oily type. Or else the blusher will be better? As for color tone for people with yellowish tone- "Orgasm" will be better instead of "South Beach".

nim said...

Hi Andy,

Wow! Thanks for your quick reply and recommendations! Not brave enough to try Botox yet, so I'll get the SKII mask and try the eye exercise.

For the eye cream, is it suitable for dry n oily eye areas like mine , since it is a cream?

Jen said...

Hi Andy,
Saw your post yesterday and went to buy it today for HK$190 here in HK. Works terrific for my dry chapped lips, and it's only within a day! Thanks! =)

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