Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ettusais Medicated Body Whitening Mist N & Medicated Acne Aroma Body Wash

Medicated Body Whitening Mist N
Lightens and clarifies spots and post acne scars on the body.
How it Works:
A body moisturizer that helps to lighten dark pimple scars while preventing pimples on your body so that you get clear and smooth skin.
Price: S$38

Medicated Acne Aroma Body Wash
Are your face, neck, chest and back prone to acne? Now, you could just wash them all away with ettusais aroma body wash.
How it Works:
The smooth clear formula is gentle yet keeps your skin blemish-free at all times. While the floral fruity aroma soothes your mind, leaving you with soft, supple skin and a relaxed mind and body all over.
Price: S$34


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Can advise where to get them . Thanks. Enjoy you blog,keep it up.


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Margaret

Thanks for your support!
You can find "Ettusais" counter at BHG Bugis, Isetan Scott & Metro Woodlands Causeway Point.
Or go to their web to check out:

Amanda said...

Hi Andy,

Any recommendations for loose powders besides Ettusais? Cos I have combi skin..and prone to breakout & looking for a suitable loose powder to wear on its own? Thanks! Keep the reviews of makeup products coming in :)


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Amanda

Thank you for your support!
Recently I've been using "Palgantong" Theatrical powder from dodo Japan which I find them very good. They're long lasting with very very fine texture. You can get them at Sasa store.

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