Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Powder Compact from Dodo

First saw this brand at Tokyo drug stores, than also in BKK Loft at Discovery centre! Now they're in Singapore! Have tried their powder compact & I must say it's really fine in texture for the price of S$19.80.
A smooth, portable chic powder that guarantees to leave your skin looking polished to perfection, yet glowing and natural, this classic dodo mirrored compact features a matte finish and lets your skin feeling fresh and healthy.
Available in 3 shades!
Key Ingredient: Squalene- shark liver oil acting as a lubricant for skin
Selling at some Sasa stores, heard that soon they'll be in most big pharmacy around Singapore!


serene said...

Hi Andy, may I know after using make up base do I have to use makeup remover to remove or just the normal face cleanser will do.

This year end I will be going to Japan may I know which moisturiser is suitable for use during winter there.

Thank you.


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Serene

You still have to use a makeup remover if you've apply makeup base or even sun block only.
For winter in Japan is really cold & dry, in fact you can get great moisturizer when you're there. Most/all drug store in Japan does sell skin care products, & if is winter time they'll come out moisturizer for that season to be used.

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