Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Durian Log Cake

Manage to bake a durian log cake this year with my mom's helping! End up with my whole house feel with durian smell! :)

Log Cake ingrediants:
(A) 6 eggs
100g of water
150g of cake flour
5g of baking powder
10g of milk powder
150g of sugar
15g of sponge gel
2 teaspoon of durian essence

(B) 75g of cooking oil

Blend all (A) ingredients together on low speed for about 8-10min until the mixture raise, fold in(B) with hand. Baking temperature 200C, bake for 15 mins.

Durian topping cream
300g of durian
250g of butter
150g of icing sugar
50g of instant custard
150g of topping cream
2 eggs white

Mix butter & icing sugar,beat till white in color, add in egg whites, blend durian in chopper,mix instant custard with topping cream in a pot, add in the durian mixture into pot.
Apply some of the durian topping cream onto the cake & roll it into a log, spread the left over durian topping cream all over the log cake & decorate!
I get all the ingredients from Phoon Huat


Vanilla said...

wow looks yummy!
i wish i could bake

Leslie said...

I wish I could bake one too.. lol

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