Sunday, December 6, 2009

Givenchy Les Poetiques

“From wintry winds to the winds of time, echoing melancholy’ s mire, beauty emerges so sublime, painting a landscape of desire.
At conformity, the mind rebels, yields to emotions running raw, in romantic dreams, elatedly dwells; why live, if not under passion’ s law?
Just as fireworks need darkness to give birth to colour, Romantics use shadows to exalt their passions and let flowers grow.
Born of winter and universal black, my 2009 autumn-winter collection exhibits its uncontrolled sensibilities and the strength of its passions.

Poetically, it borrows from the natural and enhances it with mystery.
The dream emerges... a bed of roses... a stormy night... a first kiss... in a watercolour of emotions.
Each woman has her mood, and each day, its surprise.
Like feelings that “flood ” the face, “LesPoétiques ” naturally reveals the high-romance femininity of the Givenchy Woman.
Each passion, and each woman, is unique.”

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