Sunday, May 15, 2011

For Beloved One "Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask"

Have received this facial sheet mask from " For Beloved One" from Taiwan!
Popular Taiwanese cosmeceutical skincare brand 'For Beloved One' is said to be well-known for its pioneering invention of the bio-cellulose mask, applying medical bio-fibers into the beauty field for the first time. This bio-cellulose mask is approved of and 'praised' by many cosmetic surgeons and has received many acclamations from major media and has gained much popularity and is favored by many celebrities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China. (如:大S徐熙媛、伊能靜、牛爾…)
“Bio-Cellulose” is a biomedical material that is used as artificial skin and cardiovascular repair material. Co-operates with German and French pharmaceutical factories in technical joint production. “Safe to use” and “effectiveness” is two main purposes for adopting patents formulas from international endorsed pharmaceutical factories. Every product has been approved by various authoritative doctors and pharmacists before it is launched. Besides of western pharmaceutical formulas, many of For Beloved One’s products adopt the ancient Chinese concept “Yang Shang” (preserve one’s health)靈芝、人參、牡丹等珍貴的漢方萃取成分 by contain valuable Chinese herbal formulas such as gloss, ginseng, and peony, etc.
This facial sheet mask effectively whiten skin, improve flaws and wrinkles, beside this “Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask” is the only all-inclusive whitening product contains three kinds of patents of Merck in the market; the whitening patent Lumiskin™ and purifying patent Melaclear2™ fight against dark skin effectively, and the anti-wrinkles patent Matrixyl™ strengthens the collagen Type I, III and IV in the skin and creates tender and tight skin.

Have tried out this facial mask and I really don't know how to describe the feeling of this mask, is kind of between fibre/gel like of material, and it does really stuck onto the skin well in order to give better absorption of all the great ingredients into the skin! The skin feel and look smooth and fair beside I can see my open pores tighten/smaller. Really love this mask!

A box of three pieces S$63.00 and will be available at Sephora Singapore from 23 June2011.

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Jie Jie said...

Thanks Andy for the information on where to get it:) I'll definitely get it!

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