Friday, May 6, 2011


Unique Powder-Liquid Separation Design Ampoule, 100% high activity Vitamin C Plus, Effective Anti-Sports.
Neogence has created a revolutionary whitening knowledge by combining biomedical, dermatology and pharmacology techniques. Specially selected Vitamin C powder from the famous Bio-technology manufacturer “DSM Nutritional” in Netherlands, the quick permeating and absorbable small molecule powder targets on stubborn sports in the bottom layer of the skin and proceeds to reduce and weaken the deposited melanin within the skin layer. Simultaneously, it works in coordination with the collagen to improve elasticity and have effects of anti-aging.
• 15% pure Vitamin C, intensive whitening UV spots
• Unique powder-liquid separation design ampoule retaining high activity of pure Vitamin C
• Unique whitening repair factor BIOBENEFITY® enhance purification of pigmentation area
• Hyaluronic Acid moisturizing system improves absorbability and efficiency, bringing skin to translucent white

Main ingredients: High concentration of 15% pure Vitamin C L-ASCORBIC ACID plus unique whitening repair factor BIOBENEFITY®
Selling at Sasa , Price $69.90

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