Sunday, January 29, 2012

Majolica Majorca chapter 33 Lash King

This Spring 2012 Majolica Majorca introducing Chapter 33 "Lash King"
For the first time in Majolica Majorca's history, 5 mm super long fibers that blends in with lashes. The new Acrobat Catch Brush mascara wand coats every single lash evenly. Unlimited length, ultra thickness and unbelievable fullness. Achieve king-sized lashes so perfect that they are out of this world. That mesmerizing beauty could only belong to you. Broad-toothed comb helps to apply mascara liquid perfectly along the roots creating an eyeliner effect. Contains volume up powder and volume impact wax which attaches onto lashes. It contains speedy dry oil which maintain long lasting curls. With Vitamin E Derivative and Macadamia nut oil that cares, firms and treat your lashes. Waterproof resistant to sweat, sebum and tears.
"Blood On" - A new paste type texture creates a ruddy glow on your cheeks and lips. Can be used as a base before applying cheek, lip colour or gloss to achieve a radiance reddish glow.
"Majoromantica J" - A flora and oriental fragrance with fruity/spicy (top note), floral/milky (middle note) and Sweet/Mysterious(last note) .
Lash King Mascara - deep black BK999 (S$25.90), Blood On ( S$17), Majoromantica J (S$25.90)

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