Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RMK Sprinkling Colors 2012 S/S Collection

RMK 2012 Spring /Summer "Sprinkling Colors" - 1 Base colour plus 1 colour = a new colour and a new look for you. Create a new look from soft and romantic to alluring and sultry, each 4 shades palette is designed to create 3 different looks. This season's crystalline duo cheek colours combine to create a sheer finish and the deliciously creamy lipsticks and nail polishes come in vibrant spring hues.

Sprinkling Eyes Palette(3 Seasonal Limited Edition Shades) - 01 Brown, 02 Green & 03 Gray.
Palette consists of creamy base eye colour and three powder hues in different tones and textures.
Sprinkling Cheeks(3 Seasonal Limited Edition Shades) - 01 Pink, 02 Orange & Brown.
Palette with creamy base and cheek powder to crystalline definition for the season's statement look.
Irresistible Lip C(Total 4 Shades with two shades Seasonal Limited Edition).
Nail Colors EX (4 New Shades) - P-27 Holographic Orange, P-28 Holographic Coral Pink, P-29 Holographic Blue & P-30 Holographic Purple.

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