Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eau de Sisley 1

I've been a great fans of this " Eau de Sisley 1" ever since they launched this fragrances! Is floral and joyful. I've lots of compliment whenever I wear this fragrance. I like it floral yet refreshing combines pure, delicate jasmine water with green tea, whose fragrant soul is surrounded by a light, bitter layer. Juniper Berries impart freshness as well as a hint of bitterness. Top note is lively and stimulating with a fresh gust of citrus interspersed with spices. It has the fruity lemony freshness green Tangerine, Grapefruit and the teasing fragrance of pink Berries enhanced with a pinch of spice. Its base note depicts elegant chypre, a Chypre from the Hesperides, softened by Musk that gives a deep vibrant note and lingers on the skin with delicate smoothness.

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