Saturday, November 3, 2007

Andy教你轻松化 OL的甜美装扮Vodcast!


Anonymous said...

Hihi! U r back from your Jiu Zai Gou trip! Was it fun?

Thanks for sharing the OL makeup tips but I have a problem with the eye makeup.

I am fair and my dark circles are quite obvious. I have tried to use maroon and brown colour eyeshadows (as recommended by the make up consultant of XXX brand) but it tend to make my whole eyes look worse.
Then when i try to use highlighter for my under eyes hoping to reduce the darkness but the eyes become puffy.
What do you think I should do?

Really headache! :(


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Dear Winnie

Thanks! My trip was very tired but beautiful places!
Have you try using concealer for yr dark circle? In fact best not to use to much eye shadow colour on eyes as it emphasize more of yr problem! For concealer I prefer "Cle de peau".Is a more expensive but not too drying for the under eyes & cover well!

Anonymous said...

I have tried to cover with concealer and tried many many brands and many types from liquid to stick, to those creamy type.

So far I think liquid suits me best because i have a deep line under my eyes.

I havent tried "Cle de peau" though.

You know at mid-day when I look in the mirror, it's obvious that I've used concealer.

I wish you could take a look at me and tell me what I should do..... :S

Anyways I would probably try "Cle de peau" after I finished my current one. Since you recommend, should be a good product. :D

Thanks again for reading my lengthy complain. :P


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

No worry Winnie

Usually in sin we all need touch during mid day if you're wearing makeup due to our humid weather! Maybe try not to apply too much concealer instead to treat the problem? Most of the time for under eye dark cirlcle problem due to yr poor blood circulation... some daily exercise may work or you can look for Dr Geaogia Lee for other treatment? You can look into my older post about her clinic "TLC". Thanks & take care!

Anonymous said...

The thing is I dont touch up..heehee...

I have spent quite a sum of $ trying to cure my dark circles. I have tried eye masks, IPL for eyes but the dark circles wont go away completely.

It's very hard to explain how my eyes look like... :S

Anyways thanks a million. :D

Winnie. (^o^)

Anonymous said...

hello Andy(=

May I know what is the brand of the mascara you are using in the video?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


The Mascara I used in here is from Shiseido "Maquillage" range.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy! Hmm.. actually which brand of mascara do you find it better? Because I always don't see my eye lashes lengthen and volume even after I apply mascara :(

Carol said...

Hi Andy
不知道有机会你可不可以示范如何用Liquid Foundation 和concealer来修饰脸型和遮盖黑眼圈及雀斑呢?

Carol said...

Dear Andy

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Dear Carol

最后修饰T字部脸型的"4色"粉from Shiseido.

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