Wednesday, November 28, 2007

SKII Aqua Physics media launch!

SK-II introduces all new hydration line designed for the lifestyle needs of young women!
The twenties are an exciting time when a woman faces many lifestyle changes & when she embarks on a journey to the next phase of her life - her first job, herfirst promotion, her first serious relationship. Similarly,this is a critical time for skin where the first skin changes are usually experienced because of increased stress, insufficient exercise, changes in her external environment & lack of sleep. One of the first telltale signs of skin changes in the twenties is the experience of dehydrated skin at the end of the day. While skin is well-hydrated in the morning,it eventually becomes rough, dull & dehydrated as the day progresses.
With the understanding that nourishing the skin with proper hydration in yr 20's can help "future-proof" skin & help fight the onset of the various signs of ageing, SK-II has designed a new hydration boutique specifically to address the needs of young skin.
This New Aqua Physics gel containing the unique ingredient Pitera & Aqua Cycle active, supplies, retains & generates moisture to skin, helping provide an even & constant level of hydration thru the day. A pre-boosting serum used after cleansing, New Aqua Physics Serum containing the unique ingredients Pitera & Aqua D-up complex softens dehydrated skin, leaving it at an optimal state to feel effective absorption of essential hydrating nutrients of subsequent skincare products. For best skin results, use the Aqua Physics boutique together with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence(aka SK-II Miracle Water),which contains over 90% Pitera that helps moderate skin's natural functions keeping it crystal clear!
New Aqua Physics gel & serum will be available from all SK-II counters in 1 Jan 2008.
SK-II Aqua Physics Gel (50g) S$99
SK-II Aqua Physics serum (40ml) S$99

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