Saturday, November 17, 2007

DJ 包包大揭秘!

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Anonymous said...

yO =D

i see u always recommend ppl to use makeup base b4 there any drugstore brands suitable for teens oil skin?
and aft the applicatn,is it stil ok to use liquid foundation, or power foundation is preferred?

Many thanks! =))

*all the omy videos are helpful!


Anonymous said...

i'm 16 and going for my prom soon. have you done makeup for people/celebrities with single eyelids before? do you recommend girls with single eyelid to use fake lashes? especially because i have short lashes and slightly puffy eyelids. can you do a video to teach on how to apply make up for single eyelids to make the eyes look more define and bigger? i'm sure it will be very useful to me and other girls. also i know that there are products with the brown powder to make the face appear slimmer. can you teach the specific places to brush it on? sorry for asking so many questions. i hope you can help me. thank you so much! :)


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


Thanks for yr support!
For teenage girls with oily skin you can try "ZA","Silky Girl" or "Canmake". You can get them at most of the bigger pharmarcy like Gurdians or Watson or John little! Whether liquid or powder foundation is all depend on yr preference & also the products which is suitable? Thanks!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Xuan

Yes I did "sharon au" & "Sandy Lam" before which both with single eyelid & using flase lashes will really help to brighten/to make the eye bigger as well! Will try to discuss with the producer about this for the video! Thanks for yr suggestion.

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