Thursday, November 15, 2007

photo shoot with Kym Ng!

Just did a photo shoot with Kym Ng & David Gan today! Really have fun working with people I really enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hi andy,

i wanna ask u whether u've tried Benefit's benetint before? Is it really gd?

and most of the facial salons do squeezing of the white/black heads. is it advisable though they're professional?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


Yes I did tried Benetint & I like it but is more for people who like to have a natural radainceness on cheek & lips as if natural blushing with not much foundation!Just like little girl!:)
If people who like to wear lots of foundation than it won't work cos the foundation will cover this "benetint"!
I really can't comment much about facial salon squeezing the white/black heads even if they're so call "professional!" No matter how is also depend on indivisual's skin re-acting?You know what I mean? But personally I won't squeeze or I should say after my old experiance on squeezing & leaving scars on my face & til now still there!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Previously I was watching a TV program on David Gan styling Kym Ng's hair. What he did was he used this hair volumnizing powder (he called it the 'pong pong fen') on Kym's hair and the result was simply fabulous! I was wondering if you know what product is that and whether I can buy it in Singapore?

Millions of appreciation if you could help me with my question.


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Angie

Sorry for late reply coa I was away from sin. Regarding the powder that David have used on Kym's hair is from Schwarzkops - "Osis dust it". Not sure singapore selling it now but I think David got it from HK or Taiwan. Thanks!

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