Thursday, November 29, 2007


The luscious side of allergy tested, fragrance free.
Clinique believes once you wear fragrance-free lipstick, anything else is unpalatable. It's more than a matter of taste. We refuse to load our lipsticks with ingredients that do nothing more than cloak another ingredient's natural scent. With luscious colours and finishes, plus-do-gooders like moisturizers, there's no need to mask our fastidious formulas. It's why lips are delighted, in every sense, to wear a smile.
Let us share a little secret, straight from the lips of 22 million women: There’s nothing like the luscious side of allergy tested, fragrance free lip colour.
To understand the Clinique difference, start with Long Last Lipstick. Now, in more than 60 delectable shades from soft nudes to dramatic reds, it delivers a just-applied look that lasts for hours. And not a lick of fragrance. To us, it just seems more kissable, more purely seductive, more pleasurable all around.
Retail Price: S$31.00

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