Sunday, July 25, 2010

Anna Sui Kaleidoscope of Color

New Anna Sui Eye Color in a kaleidoscope of 7Duos and 25 single palettes enchant you beyond imagination. The new Duos can be layered for a third magical kaleidoscope color.
Eye Color Duo - Maximize the Kaleidoscope Illusion concept with these 7 shades! Blend both colors in each compact to create a magical gradation of layered shades. Use each shade alone or blend together to create an iridescent glowing new shade.
Eye Color - The complete range of 25 exciting new colors moves from White to Black and includes everything in between. Ann Sui fans can embrace the use of color used throughout the world of Anna Sui and see what combinations suit them best.
Eye Brightener - Create a natural,silky luster and can be used on not only the eyelids but also other areas that need to be brightened,like under the eyes or over cheek bones. It can also create an enhanced,three dimensional expression.
Nail color N (Limited) - Available in 5 sparkling shades and infused with glitter.
The collection should be available in Singapore sometime in August.

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