Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ICON cover

I did the makeup for Ms Zoe Tay during this ICON magazine cover few months ago. Didn't know that she was already few months pregnant at that time as we all can't really tell she was. Even than is always very glad to work with her every time as she's so professional. We always exchange beauty tips! She will tell me what skin care products she tried recently & ask if i have try them before? Or even tell me where to get the products! :)


tammy said...

Hi Andy,
Finally gotten myself a Livejournal account to comment :) Has been a faithful, silent and obedient blog reader of yours. must

visit your blog everyday. thanks for all the sweet and easy to understand update. very precise and caring of you. thanks once


you mentioned in this post regarding celeb skin care and i would like to find out more. it's always my interest to know what

skincare celeb like zoe, fann or other pretty celebs use to maintain such flawless and porcelain smooth skin. care to share

please? thanks!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Tammy

Thanks for your support!
Actually most of the celeb are using most cosmetics/skin care brands that what we're using! To tell you the true, most of this celebs already have good skin, that's how they can be on the screens! :)

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