Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beware of imitation Palgantong products!

One of my client have bought some Plagantong products thru internet recently! She told me that the textures of the products was not as great as I've mention to her. Only found out after I've met up with her to check about the Palgantong products she bought & realized those she bought thru internet are imitations! Of course she got it for a much cheaper price compare to the original type!
The original "Theatrical Powder" case have the silver sticker of Palgantong Logo on it, also the powder's tone(Light Beige)color is on the cover as well! Beside that there's also the word "dodo Japan" on it! The powder texture of the imitation one is much dryer compare to the real one.

Take a look at the powder puff's ribbon - the wording of Palgantong & even the ribbon quality is different!

The wording are much clearer & the ribbon is much more silky/satin finished. Beside the powder puff is much softer compare to the one on the left! The texture of this powder is suppose to have very fine shimmer on it but the imitation one is with quite coarse & rough shimmer in it!

The Palgantong's BB cream tube design is totally different! Worse of all the imitation one smell really bad!

I've check with the imported company in Singapore regarding this matter! After all is quite difficult to see the different without comparing both products! Their advise is best to check the products before you get them! There should be sticker of imported from "PlusOne Asia Pte Ltd" on the back of the products!


nazliman said...

thanks for the info! do you know where i can get this palgantong powder in singapore?

nazliman said...
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DANA said...

Horrible to fake such lovely beauty items!!

Thanks for this post!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

You can find the "Real/Original" Palgantong products at Sasa, some Watson stores & Stardust John Little. There's also some other smaller outlet that carry this but I don't have the whole list, anyway remember to check for the imported sticker by "PlusOne Asia Pte Ltd".

nazliman said...

thanks so much andy!

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