Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kose Sekkisei Supreme Base makeup line

Kose Sekkisei Supreme Base makeup line- consisting of a makeup base, loose powder and a powder foundation in 7 shades.

Sekkisei Supreme Make-Up Base SPF25/PA+
Make-up base that conditions your skin with moisture boosting benefits like a beauty serum while brightening your skin.The emollient ingredient effectively wraps the moisturizing ingredient forming a film which prevents moisture loss from skin and keep it supple. Like BB Cream it evens out skin-tone and gives bright and clear translucency. Multi-purpose makeup base that covers pores making them less visible. Hexagonal Powder promotes a smooth touch and exhibits excellent affinity with skin which creates ultra-fine veil. A non-greasy after-feel allows makeup to go on smooth and lasting. Blocks UV-Rays and prevents freckles and dark spots caused by the sun with SPF25/PA++. Refreshing oriental herb fragrance.

Sekkisei Supreme Loose Powder SPF12/PA++
Loose powder that boosts translucency with moisture-rich effect with pure white powder akin to powder snow.The Inner Luminance Powder creates shine that comes from within the skin and brings water-rich translucency. Powder with high Pore Soft Focus effect compounded which makes the unevenness on skin less visible and brighter.

Sekkisei Supreme Powder Foundation
Hexagonal Powder and phospholipid processor are compounded to the beauty ingredient base derived from Oriental herbs for a smooth glide. Evens out the uneven pores and helps to brighten skin, making pores less visible.The Inner Luminance Powder and Pore Soft Focus Powder creates a resonating coverage effect and the Hexagonal Powder creates radiance.

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