Tuesday, August 31, 2010

40'S -50'S retro makeup

(1)Lines eyes with a deep black gel liner or black liquid liner.
(2)For more alluring eyes, use a shimmer cream champagne crayon pencil to colour over the whole eyelid, blend with finger.
(3)Apply a white shimmer eye shadow on the brow bone.
(4)Curl lashes

(5)Apply mascara on lower lashes.
(6)Brush on mascara on upper lashes.
(7)Define brows with eye brows pencil.
(8)Use a fine brush to blend brow colour and extend the ends of the brows.

(9)Brush a peach on highest point of the cheeks.
(10)Shade jawline with a light brown shading color to contour face.
(11)This is half of a lash which you can use to add on the lash line to add volume as well as prolong the eye shape.
(12)Press on false lashes at the outer corners of the eyes to elongate eye shape.

(13)Using a vibrant red lip liner pencil to line the lip
(14)Fill in with a vibrant red lipstick & the 40's-50's retro makeup done!

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