Friday, August 6, 2010

Beauty Buffet from Thailand!

Was in Bangkok & found this brand which is quite interesting! According to the sales girl who told me, this brand is actually made in Korean but package in Thailand. You can find the stores in most shopping mall(MBK) & even some of their sky train station.
GINO McCRAY Mystique Potion Gliter Color Liner - Total of 7 colors Price at 195 Thai bhts each.
Anne&Florio Bakery Multi-shadow - Total of 4 palettes Price at 160 Thai bhts for each palette.
GINO McCRAY Mystique Potion Color Liner - Total of 6 colors Price at 195 Thai bhts each.
GINO McCRAY Mystique Potion Color Auto eyeshadow - Total of 9 colors Price at 150 Thai bhts each.


Theresa said...


I am interested to know whether the cosmetics brand "Gino McGray" is sold in Singapore?

Or is there any online portal that sells this product?

Will appreciate your reply.



andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Theresa

I've only seen them in Bangkok, don't think you can get them in Singapore. I manage to found their website -
Maybe you can check with them?

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