Tuesday, October 12, 2010

JacelynTay's wedding!

10 Oct 2010 a very special day for lots of newly wed couple! Also I'm so happy for my dear friend Jacelyn who've chosen this special date for her wedding! She looks extremely radiance even that she was stressing on planning this wedding! I believe as what she mention is all "God's blessing!" Is really touching how she met her husband Brian Wong. Wishing both of them “百年好合,早生贵子!”


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
While having my morning kopi, i saw you in the wanbao newspaper :) very excited to see my trusted makeup artist appearing on newspaper :) and especially your makeup on Jacelyn looks so divine! I like Jacelyn too and the recent weekend they are showing a repeat of 《爱的掌门人》, she acted really well and it's my weekend staple. truly happy to see she is blissfully married , just felt that flush when i saw your photos here. happy couples :)

Andy dear, you use Cle de peau for her bridal makeup too? can share what products you used to create that look? i'm thought of helping my sister to do her engagement makeup too hahaha at least when they praise me, i can tell her "Andy teacher teach me one" wahahhaa


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thank you Jarene for your support!

Yes! I'm using all cle de peau makeup on Jacelyn's wedding makeup.
For her base:
Start by applying pre-makeup emulsion to smooth out skin textures, follow by using fluid foundation than concealer for eye bags, finished the base with translucent face powder.
For her eyes:
I'm using the latest eye color quad #203, lines her lash line with the dark shimmer grey color, applying the shimmer beige at the center of her eyelid, the peach color over the eye socket area & the giltter beige on her brow bone.
eye liner & mascara.
Cheek color duo #3 soft pink.
Extra silky lipstick # 105 a soft peachy pink tone and #11 shimmer pink lip gloss

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
Thanks for your reply too. Yes! I have actually gotten myself the Cle De Peau makeup base just a few days back, the black tube looks simple yet elegant. I have been using covermark, guerlain pearly white, paul and joe for sometimes and it's getting burnout. I am also convinced that Cle de peau works since it's your favorite and is pretty moisturizing which is excellent for combi skin. And i am excited with your sharing here and thanks once again!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Don't mention Jarene! have a great day! :)

belin said...

Hi Andy, how much do you charge for AD wedding both morning and night?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Belin

For bridal makeup with hair styling for day & dinner is S$1600. Thanks!

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